Version 1.01 Update

Hey all! Several glitches have been uncovered in the initial days since release. These have been addressed and an updated version of the game will be uploaded to DropBox a little later today. The official entry for the IGMC is still glitched, and will remain so until the judging of the contest is over, but that doesn't mean you can't play the updated and fixed version. On the main page, just below the download image, a link will be added so that you can download it.


  • Fixed the game breaking glitches that left you unable to finish the demo.
  • Fixed various typos and misspellings.
  • Modified the sound effects of the game.
  • Optimized file sizes to decrease the download size.
  • Other small fixes that most won't notice, but I will!

The initial demo is just that, and there were be significantly more added to the game in the comings days. So, to outline some of the planned features, here they are:

  • Include sidequests in the town so that the "Meeting the Villagers" is less forced exploration, and more finding little things to do that increase the value of the interaction with the NPCs.
  • Better explain the durability system by having a blacksmith in town that will take you through a tutorial on how it works.
  • A tutorial for the quest log to demonstrate how to sue it, including marking and unmarking quests.
  • Add more ways to interact with the lore and mythology of the world by providing interactive bookshelves and books to collect.
  • An acheivement/trophy system that will allow you see your trophies physically displayed on the top floor of the Guild.

I have several other small things that I am working on as well, but I won't mention them here. This larger update will be up in a few days from now. I'm hoping sometime next week, at the latest. This will fill out the demo completely and give you a solid taste of what's to come from that point forward.

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